Building a contemporary house design sunshine coast?

Looking at building a modern / contemporary house design sunshine coast?

Mid-century modernist style architecture has experienced a resurgence in recent years on the Sunshine Coast design scene, with elements such as: breezeblocks, sunken conversation pits, exposed raked rafters, VJ ceiling linings and feature rock walls to name but a few elements which are back by popular demand.

It is understandable why these items have re-appeared and also conversely a mystery as to why they seemingly disappeared in the first place after the 1980’s. Perhaps it was merely a rebellion against that era and a desire to obtain a more futuristic aesthetic -whatever the reason I for one am happy to see the reappearance of most of these items (shagpile carpet, plastic wooden veneers and orange Formica cabinets can stay banished as far as I am concerned however ha!).

Elements which I feel have never dated and should be considered in any contemporary sunshine coast home design are items such as: stack bond block work walls, casement windows and high raked ceilings with exposed rafters, also cork flooring ( a mid-century modernist architecture staple) is something else I’ve always really loved and feel is under used in the modern day especially on the Sunshine Coast. 
Hopefully I have managed to squeeze the key search words: modern, contemporary, sunshine coast house plans and architecture as well as modern Sunshine Coast home design in as much as physically possible into this post and still retain the slightest semblance of a legitimate blog post ha!. If you’re reading this thanks this post is more about injecting keywords into my website to gain favour with the Google overlords than actually delivering a message on what can be gleaned Modernist Architecture on the sunshine coast so my apologies. I really do love contemporary architecture just not so much writing about it in any serious way.