Doonan Pavilion

Doonan contemporary home design

A modest home with a mammoth garage. The living quarters are somewhat subservient to the oversize garage intended to house a large collection of vintage motorcycles, several cars and a workshop. The separate living pods are connected to the main superstructure via a series of generous corridor rooms, which both function as a circulation space…

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Eumundi House

Modern Farm Burnt Timber Cladding

In the picturesque countryside of the Sunshine Coast, a mysterious black pavilion stands proudly, blending modern sophistication with rustic allure. Welcome to the stunning contemporary semi-rural farmhouse, where the vision of a local interior designer and her builder husband comes to life in remarkable fashion. Nestled gracefully on a sloping block, this farmhouse is unlike…

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This high set modern home is part farm house part beach shack. It is comprised of two pavilions; one public living, dining and kitchen and the other private bedrooms and other more intimate spaces. The pods are punctuated by a breezeway and arrival space, which also functions as a semi protected deck and outdoor room.…

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