Eumundi House

Modern Farm Burnt Timber Cladding

In the picturesque countryside of the Sunshine Coast, a mysterious black pavilion stands proudly, blending modern sophistication with rustic allure. Welcome to the stunning contemporary semi-rural farmhouse, where the vision of a local interior designer and her builder husband comes to life in remarkable fashion.

Nestled gracefully on a sloping block, this farmhouse is unlike any other. Its distinctive fa├žade, adorned with Shou Sugi Ban burnt Japanese cladding, exudes an aura of timeless elegance . The clever arrangement of little black boxes, staggered down the landscape, not only grounds the building but also adds a playful sculptural dimension, reducing the visual bulk of the form.

Step inside, and you’re transported into a realm of dark and earthy interiors, reminiscent of high-end retail spaces akin to an Aesop store. The ambiance is captivating, evoking a sense of luxury and serenity. Every corner tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, reflecting the passion and expertise of its creators.

Sleek Contemporary Home Design Inspiration
House designer Sunshine Coast region.

From the sleek lines of the exterior to the curated selection of furnishings, every aspect of this farmhouse is designed to inspire. Whether you’re drawn to the warmth of the timber accents or the sleekness of the interior design, there’s something here for everyone to admire.

As you explore each room, you’ll discover a harmonious blend of modern comforts and rural charm. From the spacious living areas to the cozy bedrooms, every space is thoughtfully designed to enhance the overall living experience.

In conclusion, the contemporary semi-rural farmhouse is more than just a home; it’s a work of art that celebrates the beauty of design, craftsmanship, and innovation. With its unique blend of architectural brilliance and natural charm, it stands as a testament to the endless possibilities of modern living in harmony with nature.