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This high set modern home is part farm house part beach shack. It is comprised of two pavilions; one public living, dining and kitchen and the other private bedrooms and other more intimate spaces. The pods are punctuated by a breezeway and arrival space, which also functions as a semi protected deck and outdoor room.…

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Designing a new home or renovating in 2020?

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Designing a new home or renovating in 2020?   When designing and building a home on the Sunshine Coast be it a renovation or a new build, one key initial step is arming yourself with site specific information in the form of exiting plans: floor plans, site plans, topographical plans and also other site information…

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Architectural insight during the Covid crisis:

Practical lessons learned from a pandemic. Most people it appears are taking a negative attitude in the wake of the recent quarantine measures; I for one am trying to maintain a positive outlook. Working from home is for some a foreign scenario, for me it is something all too familiar, I have been undertaking the…

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